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Access Denied is Prevention Magazine's polemic against health care providers who refuse (on the grounds of conscience) to prescribe or furnish contraception. The story is extremely one-sided, and a sidebar on NFP (found in the print version) was not carried over to the web version.
I suggest that letters be addressed not just to the author of the article (who is the fitness editor) but to the managing editor.

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Alicia and Dawn Eden have both blogged about Prevention's little screed about doctors, pharmacists, and other health professionals who are exerting their right to conscientious objection by declining to prescribe, or fill prescriptions, for the Pill. K... Read More

Alicia and Dawn Eden have both blogged about Prevention's little screed attacking the growing number of doctors, pharmacists, and other health professionals who, disgusted at the idea of participating in silent abortions, are declining to prescribe, or... Read More


Too tired to read the whole article right now, but this kind of "logic" from the second page is so endlessly frustrating:

"It can't be an abortion before there is a pregnancy," points out David Grimes, MD, a clinical professor in obstetrics and gynecology at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine and one of the leading contraception experts in the US.

Are the people who keep saying this stupid or do they just not care, about people's sincere beliefs that they might take the lives of their children through one mechanism of the Pill, even if the doctors insist they don't believe those are human lives/"persons"? I am hard pressed to imagine that anyone who understands the issue here wishes to protect life only if it's implanted in the womb -- you either care about that tiny little life or you don't. But I'm sure many people who would care, only hear the doctor say, "The Pill can't end a pregnancy" or "Actually, pregnancy doesn't begin until 'implantation'" and don't think to question further.

Now, I encourage people to question their doctors and do their own research but let's face it, many people don't even feel equipped to do that. And if the doctor understands that the Pill causes the loss of the "products of conception" he or she should also understand that is what a patient who is asking the question almost certainly cares about, and not mislead her with word games.

Btw, just how "long-standing" is this "medical definition of pregnancy" as beginning with implantation (also from page 2?) IIRC, isn't it only about 30 years old, maybe a bit less?

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