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Some of the wonderful things about this conference:
Daily Mass and a closing Mass concelebrated by lots of priests, including 2 bishops.
Grace before meals (and everyone waiting for Grace before digging in)
An Adoration 'chapel' set up.
Meeting so many other medical people with life-centered values.
The closing address by a Cardinal! (on Humanae Vitae).
Raymond Arroyo and Kerri Caveziel speaking at the closing banquet.
Being with my good friend and her husband and 8 of their kids.
Going with them to the local Byzantine Rite Liturgy (Ukrainian in the case).
Trying to figure out how to smuggle home some of her rhubarb!
Will be getting on an airplane soon to head home. I may still be kind of scarce for a while, though. I am working half the week, then dh and I will be flying to Los Angeles for a week to visit our son and to meet his girlfriend's mother.
There are a lot of things I want to say about the conference, but I still need to get my thoughts organized.


Hey, you're in Omaha right now. So am I. Right here on Creighton's campus. Institute for Priestly Formation. Been here since Memorial Day. Got another week and a half left. We eat lunch and dinner in Becker Hall, have daily mass at St. John's Church on campus at 10:45 each weekday, Morning Prayer at 7:35 every weekday. I hope I run into you!

--Dennis of Vita Mea

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