An interesting perspective on Dan Brown's 'fiction'

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Why the Pagans are Correct .

When we encounter a society that equates sex with fast food, that treats women as objects, we have stumbled upon an essentially atheistic (male) error. Women might embrace this way of thinking, of course, but men are much more likely to. Women, by and large, understand that atheismís response to sex cannot be true. Because women embrace the relational, they know instinctively that sex is holy, that women are to be treated as goddesses for they are made in the image and likeness of God.

Dan Brown has been a thorn in my side for a while. Since I now live in his home state of New Hampshire, it is impossible to avoid the adulation that most locals give him. I have learned to shut up when asked my opinion of his books.


yeah his books are a bit...i dunno trite or simplistic or something. the writing is what get's me--no rythm. anyway cheers and enjoy the granite.

Interesting article and it may be right about the point that is resonating with people in general ... that sex is holy. However, that is not what my friends are coming away with and I am having to refute from my ex-Catholic, angry brother-in-law ... as I'm sure you know full well living there in the "Brown heartland."

You are being quite kind. I would be wrestling with the urge to track him down and T-P his house....

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