A chilling interview with Peter Singer

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Peter Singer: Some people are more equal than others"Singer is pure, disembodied rationality - the Enlightenment made flesh. He measures pain and capacity to suffer in neat units and disregards old-fangled notions such as species or emotion. He discusses killing babies or his mother with the passion of the speaking-clock. Give me Singer over the Vatican-style superstitions he is trying to dispel any day; and yet, as I leave the interview, I can't shake off a strange - Singer would say sentimental - anxiety. "
This is what truly frightens me to read in a newspaper.


(Disclaimer: I'm not an expert, and I might say things that are in error, but would gladly be corrected with authentic Catholic teaching.)

"'The concept of brain death' - the belief that people on respirators can legitimately be killed - 'shows that.' "

I seem to have heard different Catholic thought about what "brain death" is and means. But as for removing people from respirators, at least in some circumstances, who are not expected to recover the ability to live without them, it is just obvious to me that accepting this is different from accepting actively killing them. One of those written on the heart, natural law type things maybe? Am I that unusual?

"He reminds me that, already, few doctors struggle to save anencephalic babies (those born with only a brain stem and no upper brain) or those with spina bifida."

Is this true about spina bifida? Is there a wide range of severity with that condition so that some cases will definitely result in severe disability, or are doctors and parents giving up on helping babies with spina bifida who have much more chance to be "normal" than anencephalic babies? Not that "normalcy" determines basic rights to life and to treatment, but with anencephalic babies I didn't think they could even live very long outside the womb without a respirator, or maybe even with one.

You have to wonder about modern America... "This guy creeps me out, his logical conclusions about our modern morality are horrible. But it's better than that truth stuff the Church is trying to give."

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