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My sister in law died this morning. I am told that she had been breathing on her own off the ventilator, took a turn for the worse, and the decision was made not to re-intubate her. She never recovered consciousness, and her bodily functions were becoming increasingly unstable. I continue to pray for her soul, and for the well-being of those let behind to mourn and grieve. I firmly believe that she is in either heaven or purgatory, more likely heaven, and I will ask her to intercede for us here below.
I don't know what will happen next. I am still going to take my planned trip - the continuing education is important. And as far as I know, I will still be getting together with another esteemed blogger Sunday. But beyond that, who knows?
Please also pray, if you would, that we are able to pull together whatever is needed in the way of travel arrangements to the other coast.
Her name was Janice, and she was a mother, a wife, a Boy Scout mom. She helped in her parish in all the little ways that make things run well. She had a wonderful sense of humour, and she was truly 'the other half' for her husband. We will all miss her.


I'm terribly sorry for your loss, Alicia. I will pray for her and her family.

Praying for your sister-in-law and for your family (and for your trip fund.)

So sorry, alicia. I pray she is in the very presence of our Lord God right now.

I'm so sorry for your loss. May your family find comfort in the embrace of Our Lord during this sad time.

I'm sorry Alicia. We'll pray for her soul too.

My sincere condolences, Alicia. Tonight's rosary is for Janice.

Condolences and prayers.

Sorry to hear this. Bless her.

my sympathies...

Sympathy and prayers offered for you, her, and the family.

I'm sorry for your family's loss. Will be praying for all...

Alicia, I'm so sorry. I will add her to my intentions today. One Boy Scout mom can do at least that for another. I send my wishes to her family as well.

Praying for you, her family, and for the repose of her soul, darlin.

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