Rewriting Scripture to fit an agenda

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The Sexual Revolution, to be specific. According to the BBC, the (Anglican) archbishop of Canterbury backs updated Bible. God save us all. Please pray for my poor deluded former denomination.

(link courtesy of Catholic Maniacs, who have quite a lot to say about it)


The Anglican Communion, as you have pointed out with your comments on the Lambeth Conference, is largely responsible for everything that is wrong with American sexual morality today. That said, I don't know why anyone would be surprised that a church founded by a guy who wanted to pursue his own self-gratification (that is, Henry VIII) would continue that tradition of self-gratification. Acceptance of contraception, abortion and homosexuality are the logical conclusion of a church founded on divorce.

You're right, the Anglican Communion definitely needs prayers.

The 'translator' was quoted as saying "we have here a vehicle for thinking and worshiping that is fully earthed"

'Furry earthed?'

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