Requiem for a president

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Nathan says what I should have about Mr. Reagan. Frankly, I have been hesitant to say anything, because I am probably in the minority in St Blogs in that I have never liked the man nor agreed with most of his policies. Still, he is a Christian, a child of God, and he died one of the more horrible ways that age can take one - dementia leading to pneumonia leading to death. So thank you Nathan, for pointing out those important facts, and I will pray for Mr. Reagan among "all the faithful departed".


Some of Reagan's changes in standing policies and his stances were very harsh and affected people who were relying on the current policies of the time to get by.

The world seems brighter today, even with the war on terror, than it did back then. Something about the soviets aiming thousands of missiles at us and us at them was just ... unsettling.

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