prenatal euthanasia

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In New Tests for Fetal Defects, Agonizing Choices says the NY Times.
One of the things I sometimes resent is that I am required to offer all kinds of genetic screening and testing. For now, at least, parents have the right to refuse any of these tests. However, most people don't realize that one of the purposes of US is to screen for anatomic anomalies. It isn't just about getting a pretty picture or finding out 'boy or girl?'.
The majority of couples who find out they have a baby with major problems do indeed abort. It takes a rare amount of courage and lots of support to fight against the culture of perfection. I am often surprised by who makes what choice.
One thing I need to write and publish is a little brochure that talks about what you can do after getting bad news about an unborn baby.


I think that brochure would be an awesome idea, Alicia. Let me know if there's anything at all I can do to help with it -- not that I know a whole lot about these things, but I may be able to lend a little bit of my "writing expertise" (which isn't really expertise at all) to the brochure. So let me know if you need any help, and of course you have my prayers.

If you do make one, I'd love to have a copy

J. Brown, MD

Alicia, I've got a few brochure projects on the back burner right now with some orgs, I am just not much of a writer, but I would help in any way -- or connect you with an org that wants to sponser this very thing. Please let me know! This is desperately needed!

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