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Posting this from the Border's cafe in Milwaukee.
I had an interesting flight into Chicago last night - rain and all that. Manchester NH was blue skies and sunny, but Chicago was anything but. The SWA flight I was on took off nearly 1/2 hour late, but still got on the ground fairly close to the original arrival time booked. Heard behind me as we were deplaning (from a business traveler who changed plans at the last minute as we were leaving Manchester), "United can't even get off the ground and Southwest lands early, as usual."
Drove from Chicago to Milwaukee in steady rain, listening to jazz on Chicago Public Radio until the signal got too scratchy - then popped in the CD I had brought along of Ralph Vaughn Williams hymns sung by the Oxford choirs. Learned that Mr. Ray Charles died, seems to be a lot of death around these days. May he rest in peace and one day join the angelic choirs, his vision restored.
Got up this morning later than expected but still managed to pick up Karen Marie in enough time to make it to morning Mass - alas, we missed morning prayer. I gave one of my copies of Jeff's wonderful little prayer booklet and she gave me a couple of hand-made rosaries - one knotted and one beaded, along with a little one decade rosary. We sat and talked over breakfast at a local cafe. She then played tour guide as I drove around the city. I will confess that we mostly stayed in the car. I usually pack lightly for these kind of trips, but I packed a little too lightly this time - no coat, no hat - and has been raining steadily since I got off the plane.
In a couple of hours I am meeting up with a couple more friends for dinner, and then back to Marquette for the opening of the conference.
We still haven't heard exactly about funeral plans for Janice - it may end up with only my husband going depending on what we can find for air fare and affordability. Also, our youngest has finals until Tuesday. So we shall see what happens.
Thanks again for all your prayers.

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