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It is up to 937 comments on this blog as I type. (that of course does not include all the spam I have deleted).
I may be scarce for a while. I have my 24 hour call tomorrow and a lot of moms are trying to persuade their babies to come out while I am on the deck. Then, Thursday evening I am flying into Chicago Midway, renting a car, and driving to Milwaukee. I will be staying with a friend I have known for nearly 25 years and attending a conference on Sexual Ethics at Marquette. So far I have arranged to meet a fellow blogger for morning prayer and Mass at the Cathedral Friday morning, and will also have a chance to meet HMS blogger Kevin Miller at the conference. Fly home Sunday morning and meet up with another fine blogger Sunday evening.
Shall be kind of busy, no?


Yes, do take a peek at Gesu, and at the tiny St. Joan's Chapel on the main mall behind the Library building. Nicole, I'm going to the Cathedral with Alicia since I figured she'd get a chance at the Gesu during the conference. I _do_ hope we are still on, Alicia; will give you a call on your cell before bedtime!, and my condolences and prayers.

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