very frustrating morning

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I guess I can tell how tired I still am by the fact that little things have me on the edge of tears.
Today (thankfully) I have the day off from the office. I got up early anyhow and drove 45 miles to try to meet up with a fellow St. Blog's person who had told me that the family would be at 0830 Mass in a parish in the Lakes Region, and would I like to try to meet up there and maybe go to brunch afterwards? Well, I tried. But I guess that I should have exchanged some more substantial information.
I remembered this particular church as being in the middle of town the last time I was in the area. Turns out, they had moved it to a beautiful site about 4 miles out of town, and between that and the construction traffic near the High school that I had to pass to get there, I was late for Mass. Since the Mass was part of Open House weekend for the school, the church was packed. No problem, I thought that I could maybe wave a sign or something after Mass.
After Mass (which was wonderful btw) a few people left but most of the congregation stayed in their pews to listen to some testimonies. I found Father at the back of the church, asked him if he knew the family for which I was looking, and he did. He went into the church and could not find any members thereof, including the schoolchild who was part of the reason they were there and the church was packed. Father kindly called the school to see if maybe they were there, and I waited until after all the testimonies had been given, but to no avail. So sadly, I returned home.
I was the woman in the back of the church, R of the altar, wearing a straw had and a blue jumper. looking totally lost.


what a day...
as i read your post- this thought came to my mind....
lately the sunday readings have been promising that "our tears will be wiped away" - a repetition during Easter season- i'm sure to emphasize the hope we have in the risen Lord...

and in the morning, comes the dawn....
i hope tommorrow is better

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