The Visitation

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Today celebrates the visitation of Mary to her cousin Elizabeth, and is the patronal feast day of this blog. In honor of the feast and of Pentecost, I have changed the blog colors to red.
Tradition doesn't tell us who (besides the angels) attended Mary in childbed. I like to think that if they hadn't been in Bethlehem, Elizabeth would have been there to help wrap Jesus in His swaddling cloths and give him to Mary to nurse.
Our culture sadly needs the witness and help of experienced older women to help new moms to better mother their babes (see Titus 2).


I always figured Mary was unassisted, except for Joseph (unless men were not supposed to be present for birth in those days -- what would he do, go outside?) Just seemed part of the hardship of it all that she would have no choice, aside from the fact that some people prefer unassisted childbirth even in modern times. But I guess whosever stable it was could have had a sympathetic wife or something. And I guess in the end it wasn't deemed necessary for us to know.

Must be another sad consequence of the Fall that even many women who hire homebirth midwives are really tense at the thought of their own mothers (let alone mothers-in-law, though I've known some for whom it's the reverse) attending their births or staying for the recovery period.

Well, since Mary experienced no pain during her delivery of our Lord, one would think it was much easier to do unassisted.

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