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I have had a few prayer requests come in from pregnant families, and I would ask you to include these in your daily prayers.
Cin is dealing with preterm contractions that we pray will not turn into labor nor lead to a premature birth. Pray that she will be able to deal with her situation as God wills.
Liz is dealing with an upcoming labor after having lost her last baby at birth. She asks that we pray that she is able to bond with this baby - she has a lot of fear this time around that she didn't have with her prior births (before the baby she lost).
I have two other moms who are fighting with severe vomiting in early pregnancy. Pray that they find doctors or midwives that take their condition seriously and help them to be able to deal with this difficult situation.
There are other requests as well that I am not posting at present, but if you could find it in your hearts, please pray for all pregnant moms in their special needs. I am going to start a Novena to Blessed (soon to be Saint) Gianna Molina. Feel free to print and carry this with you.


I have two other moms who are fighting with severe vomiting in early pregnancy.
i took promethazine briefly during my last two pregnancies -- but only after the vomiting was so bad that we feared dehydration.

I actually have my compounding pharmacist make a mixture of doxylamine and pyridoxine that is identical to the drug bendectin. Bendectin was pulled off the US market despite its efficacy and safety record because of the legal climate in this country. Now we have pregnant women that are on Zofran, sometimes for months on end. It is usually effective but very expensive.
I highly suggest that every pregnant woman read "No more morning sickness" by dietician Miriam Erickson.

Please pray for the drug dealers/gang in my moms neiborhood in inglewood california, for their salvation and discipline and correction.

Please pray for me. I have high blood pressure, high cholesterol and recovering from a stroke.

Please pray for a financial breakthrough for us. My family & I are in serious debt. Thank you.

Please pray for Carol's Second Chance. Please pray that it is God's will that Buck and Carol marry and that He remove all obstacles in the way. They should be joined together as man and wife.

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