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Just had an encounter with a campaign worker for Kerry. This misguided young woman was going door to door with a list of the names of registered voters.
We had quite a spirited discussion on the doorstep, as I told her that there was no way in Hell that I would support her candidate, based on his hypocritical claims to be both Catholic and pro-abortion. She admitted to being Catholic herself, and to having disagreement with her candidate on that issue, but she said that she believed that the war in Iraq and the death penalty were also important life issues. I tried to point out to her the difference between the state-sanctioned execution of a guilty person as opposed to the murder of an innocent, as well as the difference between a prudential judgement (just war) as opposed to a dogmatic declaration (abortion is a horrible mortal sin and can never be supported or condoned). I also expressed my horror that Kerry takes money from NARAL and that he made a big point about flying back so that he could vote against the Partial Birth Abortion ban. In closing, I also suggested that she bop over to the Catholic Kerry Watch website, just to see what folks like me (former life-long Democrats who are now without a political home) are thinking.
As I have been typing this, I have been listening to the last moments of the Canonization Mass for Gianna and the other saints being proclaimed. Life giving love and sacrificial giving - this is what I expect from those who would claim to represent me politically - not the self-serving and greedy posturing that we are getting. And just now, EWTN quoted St. John Chrysostom on the Eucharist.... would that Senator Kerry and his ilk would hear these words.


I have been surprised that so many Catholics are so uninformed about the basics of Church teachings (I converted in 2000). Sometimes all that is needed is to point out what the teachings are and how they really apply. Good for you stepping up to help inform that misguided girl.

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