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MSNBC - Breast feeding cuts U.S. infant death 20%

Breast feeding cuts U.S. infant death 20%


Encouraging breastfeeding news is always good. There are still so many people who don't get that it is the BEST. Not even good but the BEST.

thank God for breasts!

Maybe when they hear "breast is best" it doesn't mean any more to them than "a diet free of refined grains, added sugar, artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors, and hydrogenated oils is best." You know? "Sure it's best... but is it worth the [perceived] trouble?" they may ask. I say this as someone who's convinced about breastfeeding and whose son has apparently weaned at 25 months of age, over 20 weeks into my second pregnancy; but I can see why the "but" stands out in the "breast is best" marketing for people who just haven't been exposed to the same ideas and don't tend to the same "Well, God gave mothers milk for a reason" line of thought that is my #1 reason for preferring breastfeeding, above all the supporting statistics and recommendations and everything else.

I think D's mom is right -- the platitude "breast is best" carries with it the assumption that artificial formula is an acceptable option. Like, imported Parmagiano-Reggiano is the best (but domestic is an acceptable option.)

Maybe it's time to start flipping these statistics around: Infant mortality is 20% higher in formula fed infants.

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