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But go read it anyhow. why we need midwives
and not just for prenatal and birth care.


I find it fairly impossible to understand how women can accept pelvic examinations from men. I try not to judge, but they must not understand their womanhood and relationship with their own bodies the way I do. To me it's unthinkable, but to a lot of my friends it's like it's nothing. Including a lot of conservative Catholics. Weird.

When my wife and I were expecting our first, I really wanted a woman doctor for my wife. She was the one who didn't understand why - and I couldn't really explain it. We happened to be quite poor at the time (college students), so the only doctor that had an opening for an Oregon Health Plan patient was male, and the midwife center nearby wasn't affiliated with this doctor.

In the end, the delivery itself was done by one of our doctor's partners (a woman). That actually made me feel better, being the only guy in the room.

Well, if you want to use the pro-life NFP-only OBs in our area, you don't get to choose whether a male or female doctor attends you for birth and they recommend that you meet all of their doctors ahead of time. I'm using a midwife myself.

Not getting to choose my doctor would be a deal-breaker for me, entirely aside from gender issues.

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