How I celebrated Mother's Day


I didn't get much sleep at all - it was a very busy night at the hospital. The two docs and I who were on call together all had babies born to our patients. I was up all night with two moms. A first timer who labored for >24 hours and finally had her 8 lb + baby close to dawn, and a very special friend and patient who had an unexpectedly long (for a 4th baby) labor and finally birthed more than an hour after I was supposed to go home. I probably got a total of 2 hours sleep in the stretch from 0600 Sat to noon Sunday. Finished the birth paperwork and drove the hour homewards, stopped at Mass but ended up leaving early as I was falling asleep in the pew. Got home to find that my husband and daughter had tried to leave flowers on my car (at church) but I had left before they got there. What I get for leaving early!
Slept a couple hours and then we went to the Youth Symphony concert to listen to a wonderful program with my dd as one of the cello section. Had enough sleep and caffeine to get through the program and then home, grilled beefsteak and lamb rib chops, and soon to bed.
Hope that all of you had equally wonderful Mother's Days. Tomorrow, if all goes well, I may get a chance to meet up with another St Blogs' parishioner. If so, will post later.
PS if there are any egregious typos in this, send me a private email. thanks.

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