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If you can help another of my friends, let her know.

We are having a ceremony for our 16 year old twins
honoring their transition into adulthood...kind of a Christian Bar/Bat
Mitzvah on July 1. As part of this ceremony, we are giving them the True
Love Waits rings. I would like to explain these rings in a manner people
can understand (i.e. unbelievers who will be there) and am looking for ideas
of how these rings have been described. I think I read somewhere that a
young woman gave her ring to her husband on their wedding any of
you know other ideas? I'm sure the unbelievers present will be pretty
dumbfounded at the whole idea anyway but I would like to explain the ideas
for my kids and the rest of the onlookers. :) I need to write up something
as we give them to our kids and I'm blanking right now. Also, any other
ideas would be great.
I'd appreciate any book sources also that would be helpful. Thanks so much.
Nancy (and Chad and Alexis, age 16)

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