From my friend Jerry, a midwife in Tijuana

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The Latest Births
Scroll down to the bottom, to the mom with her 12th.


Oh wow, I lurk on a mailing list with this person, but always figured it was a female Jerry...

Someone we know is hoping her baby doesn't get here until her father-in-law arrives in town, because he was never in the "delivery room" for a child or grandchild (this is a homebirth, and he's a massage therapist.) I guess having a male midwife isn't much different from truly wanting your father-in-law to be there.

Thanks so much for the link to Partero Jerry! He is a hero of mine, and I would like my practice to be similar to his. (Once I get my CPM) I would love to apprentice with him, but California is too far from Tennessee to do that!

Hello All
I am Jerry. Glad that you enjoyed my website.
Although I attend almost 100% of the births in
Tijuana, I live in Perris, California, a 2 hour
drive from Tijuana. Log on to my website, I hope
to post 2 new home births tonight that I attended
monday. God bless. Jerry

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