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Sorry to have been scarce recently. The other midwife has been out of the office for a week and I scarcely have had breathing time at work. I haven't been sleeping well (listening for the ominous midnight phone call) and we have had a virtual baby boomlet the last few weeks. Today and tomorrow are grand jury days, and Saturday we will be an hour's drive north at the Statewide Ultreya (Cursillo event). Just got home a while ago from Ascension Thursday Mass - I am SOOOO glad to be in a diocese where it hasn't been 'time-shifted' to Sunday!
I see that a few more bloggers have decided to take a break - well I don't intend to be one of them. I still think that this is part of what I am called to do. But it isn't the most important thing in my life.
I strongly suggest that you all consider doing the Novena to the Holy Spirit. I've seen it on a few blogs around the Parish so I am not going to duplicate the bandwidth. But I'll be there!

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