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I just finished reading Marcus Grodi's book Journeys Home. It made me ponder whether or not (and how, for that matter) I have been living out my call from God to be holy. Lately I have been suffering from fatigue and a kind of spiritual laziness. I have had problems staying focused (ADD kicking in now that the winter depression is leaving). I have found myself not wanting to go to Mass, not because I don't like Mass but because I am tired, lazy, suffering from inertia. I think I need a swift kick of some kind, but I am afraid that I will get one!
I think I need to go to confession. My oil needs changing.


Man, do I know that feeling!

Alicia, I'll be thinking of you. Perhaps you could do with a change of pace? Saturday Mass so that Sunday you can rest? A different church for a couple of weeks?

If only there were massages for the spirit. :)

Best of heart, your site is a restful place for many.

Confession is a good thing! If it wasn't for regular confession (about monthly), I would need to go to (secular) therapy...that's the nice thing about being Catholic. I will be praying for you when I go (to confession) today.

May God give you strength.

Thanks for the prayers. Eutychus, as you will find out, Confession is much like a massage for the spirit. Sometimes it hurts breaking up those old knots of sin, but in the end one is so very refreshed and healed.

ditto, ditto, ditto to this post and Jeff's comment....

hey, me three. There were some weeks there when even the "not wanting to go to Mass" part was there -- I didn't want to do anything, and sometimes I slept in so late that we had to go to another parish at 5:30 p.m. since our usual Mass is the last one at ours at 12:30 p.m.... (This is when I had "morning" sickness.) But I haven't been sick like that for about two months and am still putting off Confession and leading a pitiful prayer life :(

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