Car birth!

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with a cute pic of the baby, too.
we should all be so lucky


Welcome to the World, Savannah Eileen!

You know it's funny, the most important things (and conversations) happen in cars sometimes.

Thanks for your comments on Thomas' blog, and mine. God bless you and let's try to stay sane in this election year ... :)

I love dad's comment: "There was no point in getting panicky...."

"Later in the conversation, Ewasiuk instructed Douglas to clear the baby's air passage and to take off his shoelace to tie off the umbilical cord."

Er, would you agree with that advice, Alicia? Why tie off the cord if you aren't intending to cut it? ;-)

I totally disagree with the advice given to the dad by the phone dispatcher. The instructions I give parents for an unplanned unattended birth is to wrap the baby and placenta up together and keep them near mom's breast. There is not a magic on/off switch in the cord! Furthermore, the cord should be cut under clean conditions to prevent a potentially dangerous infection in the newborn.
However, most paramedics get their training in childbirth from hospital based surgeons rather than home based midwives, so you can understand his errors.

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