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Gender differences in communication.
He starts by talking about his observation that women tend not to comment on the pundit blogs.
Me, I tend not to read most of the pundit blogs. I get enough depressing news just listening to NPR on a daily basis. Here on Fructus Ventris, I have tried to focus on areas in which my background and expertise give me the right to express a public opinion, and only rarely do I get into political issues like the war. My political issues are very different from the majority of the pundits out there, and are focused on the traditional female concerns - home, family, health, food, etc. I would fight in the streets (if needed) for the right of a woman in labor to have her birth attended by the midwife of her choice. I am worried that our children's generation will be less healthy than they should be because governments prefer to spend money foolishly. I think that we are all best served by having stable marriages of one man/one woman be the environment for children to be born into and reared from.
But I am highly unlikely to get into a war of the words in some other blogger's comment box. I have limited resources (time, money, energy) and I prefer to spend those resources where I think that I might actually make a difference.

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