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Fearful mom-to-be wants a C-section

Is anxiety about giving birth a good enough reason to have a Cesarian delivery?


See what I mean about fear of the pain of labour? (As I posted in alicia's earlier post on sections.) It seems to me that so many women nowadays have an inordinate and unhealthy fear of labour pain and delivery. I often hear women use that word: "terrified."

Maybe the solution isn't offering a c-section; maybe it's counselling. To me, this terror of a healthy and normal process, and the distrust of the female body to do it's job, seems to border on mild mental illness.

Like I wrote earlier, I had a medically necessary section after a drug-free labour. Sure, I'm a little afraid of the pain, now that I'm expecting my second. But my real and rational fear is of having to go through another surgery, with all of its real risks and after-effects for me and baby. My first baby's lungs were filled with mucus, and that caused problems for weeks. And I ended up with a uterine infection.

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