what we have lost

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I am working on a letter to the editor about Kerry and Communion - it isn't going well at all (which tells me who is fighting against it!). I have several ideas that I want to include in at least my first draft, and then I will have to edit judiciously to meet the word limits. In the meantime, I have another thought that I want to share with you all.
Our culture has become so sexualized that we have lost the concept of non-sexual friendship and love. Emotional attractions between persons are now considered merely a prelude to physical and sexual intimacy. This plays out in heterosexual and homosexual attractions - no longer is friendship seen as the thing of value. I think that this may be one of the greatest barriers we currently have to lasting marriage. We have placed all our energies into the sexual aspects, and while they are indeed important, marriage is much more than simply getting it on regularly.
And it has also affected same-sex friendships. Used to be, two adult women could share living quarters and be good friends and both be celibate heterosexual women. Now, they would assume that their friendship (even love) would mean that they were homosexual and would have to act upon that. I imagine that something of the same also happens to men, confused by our culture, but not being male I would not presume to assume that to be the case.
It is even getting to the point where any physical affection is assumed to carry sexual overtones. Parents hugging their children, giving baths to toddlers, etc - all of these can be viewed with suspicion. How frightening this gets! What have we lost?

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