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from my friend and fellow pro-life midwife Nancy:

Jen(daughter) took Jade (granddaughter) to the DR today and the DR had her take Jade to St. Joes Emergency room. She hasn't called yet, so we don't know what is going on for sure. Jade was having trouble breathing and had spots all over her body. She's been on antibiotics the past week for an ear infection

please say a few prayers for Jade (and Jen, she's been having a hard time lately and is pregnant, so hopefully whatever Jade has won't hurt Jen or the baby)
Jade was born with some pretty severe health problems as well.


Prayers going up.

Dear friends in Christ
I have to reach you and request an urgent prayer for my father.

He is going to be hospitalised tommorrow and that they are going to start 'investigations' for his Lungs, Stomach, Throat, Blood etc. His name is Mr. LALKHUMA, 73 yrs. He has a terrible bleeding while coughing...not everytime, but it'd go on gor 5/6 days and fever. He feels tired all the time. He does not want to be admitted in the Hospital as he is afraid that it might be CANCER! (it maybe or may not be!).

Please pray for his investigation-results that it would be CURABLE even if he has to go for treatment.

My family is scared too. We pray and want that this would be curable and the Lord would blessed any treatments he has to take and go through.

God bless you and your Ministry.

Thank You!

In Christian love & faith.......Ms.Khiangte,
Aizawl, Mizoram, India.

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