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like my domestic church, the inn at the end of the world, video meliora.
I have not been able to access your sites for over 24 hours now. Blogger seems to be playing some kind of game. Or have your URLs suddenly been changed?
update: I figured out the problem. Apparantly the www prefix was messing things up. I've edited my blogroll and so far, so good.


Thomas of "Endlessly Rocking" was telling me the same thing. It's strange because I can access my site at home & work. Blogger is free, so I guess we get what we pay for.

They're all back up, for now anyway. Oh, and thanks, Alicia, for your kind comment on the little poem about Mary...


Some people do pay for Blogger to get rid of the little ad at the top, in addition to other features. I would be mad if I were them right now.

Yes, it appears Blogspot is off on a vagary of its own.

I couldn't access my own blog from my own links (the "bookmarks" feature). I re-typed *exactly* what I already had as a link and that worked.

I asked their putative help desk about it. Answer came there none. Fortunately, I am a Catholic and accustomed to accepting things as "a mystery".



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