Thesaurus Precum Latinarum

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Treasury of Latin Prayers
A wonderful resource, found through fellow convert Alan Phipps, who celebrates 7 years as a Catholic. Ad Multos Annos!
If you haven't read Alan's blog before, I highly recommend it. He recently posted about how Latin has become an important part of his prayer life, and it caused me to wonder something.
Charismatic/Pentecostal Christians place great importance to praying to God in a 'prayer language' (a form of speaking in tongues). I wonder just a little bit, if this is a way God has helped some to meet the human need for special and ritual language in which to speak to God, a need that can be also met through praying in Latin (or Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic ), praying in a language that is NOT used for mundane (everyday) or vulgar (common) purposes. Your thoughts?


Thank you, thank you!!! What a great resource for a post VII kid who is having to figure this latin stuff out by myself!!

Thanks, Alicia!

I like this link better than the one I've been using, whihc seems to be to only a portin of this treasure.


Funnily enough I sing the portions of prayers that should be/can be sung in Church Slavonic. I don't know if it fulfils a spiritual need of some kind or if it's just how I've heard them all my life. Worth thinking about though.

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