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I will try to blog a bit about bloggercon later, after I figure out how to beat my laptop into submission. I will say that I was upset that I could not log onto the wireless network at the con, and that there was no one there who could help me to trouble shoot. Now that I'm home, I can't log on to my high-speed access and I think that I may have screwed something up in trying to get logged on down at bloggercon. I am posting from another computer in my house, but my notes are all (of course) on my laptop.
As far as I can tell, I was the only one there from St. Blog's.


Ugh. How annoying... Was it fun otherwise? Maybe I can go to the next one... I wanted to go so badly this year... Sigh.

I had registered, but spaced on it. Oh well.

It was nice meeting you Alicia. Hope you get your notes up, and e-mail Tara when you do. See the list of other people's blogs about BloggerConII:

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