Raw notes from Bloggercon 2


Hope you can make sense of it!
Listening now to a session for library type stuff, a gentleman who does a blog for a science research kind of place made the statement that ‘scientists don’t blog’ – got me thinking about the scientists I know in St Blogs and how they do blog but not necessarily on science. Maybe that has to do with things like patentability, caution, publishing prematurely ?

Story telling as value exchange (per a futurist)

Librarians talking about how the internet can add to or subtract from the physical space.
Content management, how to scale. Just in time information. How to access the information – taxonomy, indexing, categories,
What is the diff between a webpage and a weblog? Dynamism?
Tone – blogs more informal, chatty, friendly - personalities
Pages more formal and structured – impersonal
Find your voice – filtering data into info?
Fletcher School of law and Diplomacy at Tufts has a blog.
Trust factor important
Information gatekeepers
Sharing spaces
How do students own and manipulate information? Incremental changes vs state change?
Community of interest around ideas.
Remaking of social conventions around passions – new infrastructure for self-organizing communities. Knowledge sharing.
What are the differences between blog communities and email based communities – forums, etc. Fixed topic vs moving targets.
Email based communities vs weblog based communities
Weblogs are less susceptible to peer pressure and personalities in the conversation
Filtering and self-filtering is less in blogs – the ‘expert’ syndrome is less of an impediment to expression of ideas.
A blog is a bit of private property – there is a different dynamic – politeness etc?
How do we index data, retrieve it, categorize it. Reputation networks taking the place of top-down authority. (kind of like the volunteer book reviews on amazon). Network effects and power laws, leading to breakdown of democracy?
Citation linking? Authority is more fluid. Knowledge and authority linkage. Popularity does not equal authority. How expert is the expert? How expert is the user? Critical thinking is key.
Blogs adversely affected google (ratings by popularity ) because of all the linkages found.
Blog as a tool for the self to keep information organized, especially the recurring needs information.
Weblog based book clubs etc.

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