Quite a wild ride indeed!

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Birth story is up at The Edge of the Precipice.
All I can say is, there is a time and a place for modern technology, and this was it.


Just out of curiosity Alicia, why wouldn't the doctor try to manipulate the baby first? Something similar happened at my aunt's birth and the midwife manipulated her into position to be born and she has lived into her 90s!

The manipulation that could be done to deliver this kind of presentation is called internal podalic version and total breech extraction. Basically, the birth attendant has to shove whatever of the baby is sticking out back in, reach into the uterus way back and find the baby's feet, pull the baby around by the feet, and then pull the baby out and deliver it as a breech. The doctor who first described this maneuver, Ambrose Pare, undoubtedly saved the lives of many women and not a few babies. However, in the present time, cesarean section is a much safer option for both mother and child.
If baby is not already partly out and if there is enough fluid (preferably with an intact bag) a skilled person can turn the baby from the outside into a head down position. This was not an option here, not by a long shot.

Thanks for the explanation!

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