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NPR : Kerry and the Catholic Vote
I only caught the tail end as I was getting out of the shower, but what I caught conviced me that I need to really get my act together and finish writing my letter to the editor on this topic. Groan. When I get home to a computer that actually plays audio I will listen word by word and craft my specific comments. Help me out if you can - either send me suggestions (comment box or e-mail) or write your own letter. You can send to morning@npr.org. You can also CC the NPR ombudsman (who is currently up to his ears in emails protesting the summary dismissal of Bob Edwards, but that is another story entirely).


I thought that Bah Bedwards was leaving of his own will. Canned? The great one? Whatever for? He was the voice of Morning Edition since day one. I just assumed that he was sick and tired of the horrid schedule. What's the inside scoop?

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