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update on Jade
Jennifer had to take Jade back again to the hospital this morning because she is worse. (Read the post below for what happened prior to that if I missed sending it to you). She has so many red spots her whole back is scarlet. It can be a reaction to the Rocephin because many people who have a PCN and/or amoxicillin/ampicillin allergy also can have a reaction to Rocephin and other cephalasporins (a class of drugs). I warned Jen it could happen after she told me what they did, but apparently the hospital didn't think it was an important enough detail to tell her themselves.
As always, your thoughts and prayers are appreciated.
(Prior message)
They kept her several hrs, were going to do a central line, but D refused, so they gave her two Rocephin shots and decided she must have an amoxicillin allergy. They did manage to get some blood from a heel stick, but didn't do any cultures. Her fever went away with the feeding tube hydration. Jen is still worried because Jade is breathing funny, but her chest xray was ok. They didn't test for strep (no throat cultures or any other cultures). Jen thinks she has strep throat herself.

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