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Channel 4 to screen graphic film of abortion
I have very mixed feelings about this.


i would be most interested to read your thoughts on this. my initial (knee-jerk?) reaction is one of great mistrust -- the motivation seems to be a graphic confession of sorts. however, i typically lean on the side of "full disclosure."

one the one hand, yes, full disclosure. But on the other hand, it is still broadcasting a murder.

it was my understanding that it is broadcasting not the act of abortion itself, but the aftermath. this is a visual world -- well, the "civilized" cultures (and yes the irony is palpable) -- are almost exclusively visual. linear thought has been all but replaced by emotions induced by images. perhaps they actually NEED to see it to believe it.

Here in Britain I too have mixed feelings about it. Apart from anything else, it's not properly respectful to the dead. Admittedly nobody was giving these poor dead children any respect in the first place, but can we use them as means to an end? Furthermore, Channel 4's message will probably be determinedly on the line that it doesn't matter how heart-wrenching they look, a girl's gotta do - etc. They are very liberal and anti-Christian in their general ethos. However, an attempt, however biased, to inject some reality into the rather feeble and much-ignored abortion 'debate' in Britain might be a good thing.

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