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You guys know that I have no issue with the truly needed cesareans, or even with some that might be a little questionable but are done after other things have been tried. But this I just don't understand.
C-sections on demand are rising fast
(despite the fact that according to)
The Maternity Center Association, a pregnancy advocacy group, released an analysis last week of 300 previous studies and concluded that having a C-section increases the chances of infection, pain, rehospitalization and breast-feeding problems. C-sections also increase the potential for problems in future pregnancies....


I don't get it either. Maybe it's just me, but I tend to find the whole idea of C-sections really really gross. I wouldn't object to one if it was absolutely necessary, but the idea of choosing to do it instead of a vaginal birth really really grosses me out more than the idea of a normal vaginal delivery. It just seems unnatural.

I don't get it either. Could the trend come out of the idea that everything should be controlled and micromanaged, down to the genome of the baby?

I think I can explain it: fear of pain and mess.

Many of my friends, both mom and non-mom, say they're terrified of labour pain. And lots of them are grossed out by the idea of amniotic fluid, placenta, sac, etc. coming out of them.

I had a medically necessary section (CPD -- aka baby had big head, mommy has very small pelvis), after 10 hours of drug-free labour. I say, bring on the mess and pain. At least I had some control during natural labour.

I hated being strapped down, drugged up, and cut into. And then I couldn't BF right away (much too weak), and baby needed breathing help at first (lots of suction and oxygen) because his lungs and throat still had fluid in them.

Sometimes pain is good for you, and for baby. But people just aren't tough anymore. They don't want what's best for them, they want what's easiest for them.

I don't know nuthin' about birthin' babies, but doesn't a C-section leave a scar? If so, is pain avoidance beating vanity?

If people sign on to c-sections for pain avoidance, they're in for major disappointment. I mean, I don't know what kind of narcotics you want to be on for the first weeks of your newborn's life, but I'm not sure anyone will give you enough to achieve true pain avoidance. Also, it is common to experience lingering abdominal discomfort, if nothing that justifies medication, for months afterward. Not to mention numbness for years -- maybe permanently, but I haven't talked to many elderly women who've had c-sections about it.

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