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Anne Wilson gives some great links and thoughts on how to not support Chinese slave labor.
Link via Lilac Rose.


Thanks for the link. It was a lot less difficult than we thought to avoid China-made products once we really started trying. We did not have to get everything second-hand. The one thing that might have been an issue was a Christmas tree stand but we didn't notice that was made in China till we got it home!

I have slacked a bit -- bought a diaper bag made in China, which I doubly regret because I saw a good used one cheaper later. Suspended the rule for shoe-buying because it is SO hard to get 7D shoes in the store and I don't want to catalog shop such a big purchase w/o trying on. But when it comes to toys, it's hard to argue we have a "need" for a particular toy, and clothes are easier to find not made in China than toys are, even when you are fat and pregnant and try to be modest so your options are already limited. Books are easy to get used, but I was surprised to find how much of the kids' stuff at our beloved Catholic Shop was made in China! Not to mention how many crucifixes we've seen that were made there! So we were happy to buy some that may have been on the pricey side made of olive wood by Holy Land Christians, sold at our church one day after Mass.

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