Christ is Risen!

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He is risen indeed.
My Hungarian/Russian godmother taught me how to say this in Russian, but alas, I only remember the first part (and probably am not spelling it right either!)
Christos voskreses.
How wonderful it would be to live someplace where the greeting and response for the next 40 days would be "Christ is risen - He is risen indeed".
Alas, to our secular culture, tomorrow, Easter will be over. But for us, it has just begun.
Now is the time to sing great Alleluias to our King.
Here are a few suggestions - some of my favorites. (from the Oremus online hymnal)
Jesus Christ is Risen Today
Hail Thee Festival Day
Welcome Happy Morning
Ye sons and Daughters
The Strife is O'er
I am sure that the Summa Mammas' parish sang at least one of these.

Alas, my parish sang none of them this year.
We did, however, do the entire Good Friday service a capella, including all seven verses of the Pange Lingua (in English) in 4 part harmony.
Our organist's husband was seriously ill during all of Lent, and died early in the morning Easter Even. Her whole family is deeply involved in the parish - duaghter is one of our soprano soloists, son-in-law is one of our instrumentalists, the grandchildren are all altar servers and were all scheduled to serve the Easter vigil. They were all there, with reddened eyes yet knowing that the paterfamilias would be 'this day, with Me in Paradise'.


Voistinu voskrese!

I love the Marian anthem for after Easter, is it 'Joy to thee, O Queen of Heaven'? I used to live near a high anglican church where the priest would sing it in Latin, one day I hope to hear it in English.

TO Havdala:

Thats the Regina Caeli

Queen of Heaven, Rejoice!. Aleluia!
For He whom you were worthy to bear, Aleluia!
Is risen as he said, Aleluia!
Pray for us to God, Aleluia!

Rejoice and be Glad O Virgin Mary, Aleluia!
For the Lord is truly risen, Aleluia!

Yes, the Summa Mamas parish did "Hail Thee Festival Day" (with brass accompaniment). Yee haw! AND, as mentioned on our blog, we sang "Wheat That Springeth Green" as a communion song. AND we move to the Regina Coeli for all of Eastertide (all the way to Pentecost), instead of the Angelus which we normally sing when Mass is finished (since the Blessed Mother is our patroness at St. Mary's).

Joy to thee, oh Queen of Heaven! Alleluia!
He whom thou wast meet to bear, Alleluia!
As he promised, hath arisen! Alleluia!
Pour from us to Him Thy prayer! Alleluia!

Rejoice and be glad O Virgin Mary!
For the Lord is risen indeed, alleluia!

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