bloggercon woes, part 2


Some days it just doesn't pay to trust any technology more sophisticated than paper and pencil. I have already blogged a bit about how I was never able to access the wireless network down there, but I at least took notes on the laptop so I wouldn't feel too stupid about having lugged it down there. My thought was that I would just cut and paste my notes to the blog. Well, I haven't been able to get online with my laptop since I got home, so there goes that great idea. So I printed out hard copy of my notes, only to discover that I am missing the last half of what I entered. Great. My notes end with the stuff about library blogs, a topic which I personally found very interesting, but not the sum total of what I wanted to share with you all. I also lost URLs for links that I had typed in. I'm getting very frustrated with this whole thing.
Did I tell you that I got lost not once but twice on my way down to Cambridge? I had been looking for a park and ride and the only thing that was suggested was parking at the Alewife station for the MBTA Red Line and taking it in to Harvard Square. Turns out that Alewife is actually pretty close. The directions for getting to Alewife and getting to Harvard Square were almost identical in terms of getting off the interstated and driving around in circles. It took me almost as long to find Alewife (going around and around and asking three different people for directions ) as it did for me to drive to the MA state line from my home in NH. Then, when I got off the subway, I walked 2 blocks in the wrong direction before getting properly oriented. Dyslexia. Fun.

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