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As our eyes have been opened, the militant language of the abortion rights leadership starts to ring hollow.
Link via Earl.
I just finished watching a very powerful episode of Life On the Rock on EWTN. A woman who had had 3 abortions spoke about her remorse, regrets, and healing. A chance phrase I heard on the TV - "coming out" about being an abortion survivor - resonated with me. That has to be the darkest closet to be hiding in, filled with pain and guilt. Sins fester in the dark, whereas the light, though painful, is ultimately healing.


I was privileged to serve as one of three Justices on the Nuremberg II Tribunal convened in Nuremberg, PA, by the Pro-Life Action League's Joe Scheidler some years ago.

The most moving testimony was by Linda, a Woman Exploited by Abortion. She brought her son Joshua, who had survived the abortionist's attempt on his life--though not without cost.

She broke down in the witness chair as she testified, "Did Joshua survive or did his twin die? I will only know, please God, if I get to ask Him in heaven."

May her prayer, merciful Lord, be granted.

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