the hidden face of the malpractice crisis

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midwives being squeezed out
It is truly sad and there are many forces at play here. All I really want to do is to be able to support women in pregnancy and childbearing - ideally wherever they choose to give birth. Instead, I am constrained by forces that do not have the best interests of women or their families at the forefront.
Something has to change - but I don't know where or what.


I heard that a birth center in Nashville was going to have to close their doors for the same reason. As an aspiring midwife, I find the state of affairs pretty sad. I always felt that "choice" meant to be able to choose where and how to have your child. (not whether or not to have it at all.) Sadly, women will lose the empowerment they gain when they are allowed to birth naturally, and with like minded women. In my opinion, it is the money machine, not the best interest of women, that is driving this.

That is very sad. Oddly enough, at the hospital where I work, the vast majority of our deliveries are done by CNMs. I'd estimate at least 80%, though I've never crunched the numbers. They're all fabulous.

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