My friend Diana requests prayers

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(Diana and I met in nursing school at Nurse's Christian Fellowship. Her son, and her sisters son, were both murdered in their car in front of their house in Los Angeles - a drive-by shooting)
These are from my sister, Linda. They all relate to her best friends, Joan and Mike.
1. Friday was the anniversary of the death of their daughter, Missy
2. Friday, Mike's niece, Joellen , gave birth to a much wanted, full term, baby girl. The baby was born at noon but by 8 PM had died. Joellen and her husband are devastated, as is the entire family. An autopsy is scheduled for today to try to find out why the baby died.
3. Joan was in Texas to help care for her grandson, Matthew. Matthew's nanny fed her son and Matthew from the same jar of baby food and her son is now in the hospital and possibly dying from a lung infection. Matthew has the same infection but is being treated at home at this time but is very ill.
4. Joan must arrange for immediate flight home to help with the baby's funeral and to be with Mike and his family in this puzzling time of grief. The entire family are wonderful Christians.
Please pray for all these special people as well as Linda and I as the 2nd anniversary of our son's deaths is next Tuesday. Thank You, Diana


I will pray. Please write updates about the babies when you hear.

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