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The Revealer: Sunday at St. Blog's

They still haven't realized just how HUGE the parish actually is. I think they need to read through more of the blogs on the master list.


Hey Alicia,

We've spent a fair amount of time reading St. Blogs at The Revealer, but the question we can't answer is: How many people read it? How important a part of their lives is it? Is it limited, for the most part, to the bloggers and their friends or is it a genuine alternative to the traditional Catholic press.

I'm a huge Leonard Cohen fan, too, by the way.

I can't answer that question either but I will point out that I discovered blogdom through the traditional Catholic press (well, sort of traditional). I found it through Envoy Magazine, which I was reading on-line and I think I found Envoy through a link from EWTN (that I was watching on-line). Envoy had a blog, I followed a link and discovered a whole new world.
Now, I am not exactly computer illiterate. My mom was a programmer in the punch card days, my husband and I bought our first home computer in 1980, and I was on-line on the internet starting early in 1994 (and could probably have been earlier but didn't cope well with Pine email - and I despise AOL!) But somehow the blog phenomenon had escaped me.
At this point, I am going to let my subscription to Catholic Digest lapse. I will probably continue my subs to Crisis, Envoy, Touchstone, First Things, just because print is more portable than electrons (at the present time). But I rely on the blogosphere for breaking news.

Somewhere--I think at Dappled Things some time ago--there was a link to a poll of the Internet's Top 1000 Blogs. About 30 St. Bloggers were on it.

You might e-mail the blogger, Fr. Jim Tucker, to ask him for the reference in the archives.

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