valentines day


I did nothing that most people would consider romantic yesterday. I got up early, kissed hubby good bye, got in the car and drove the hour to work. Well, I guess that some would consider it romantic that just before midnight, I helped usher baby Thomas into the world. I am pretty sure that his mom and dad (fairly new immigrants from SouthEast Asia) are rather excited about how they spent their Valentines day. But I did not go to a movie, have a special dinner, or any of those things.
I have found over the years that I am more pragmatic than romantic. My husband is far more likely than I to cry at events. I don't know if my emotions are in deep-freeze, or just the expression of them. I can be deeply moved - but that deep stays inside. I am not really into the celebration of most national days of emotion like Valentines, Mother's day, Father's day, etc. I cherish the religious holidays and I do follow many traditions for Shrove Tuesday, etc. But I am just not into the 'feeling' part of it. More intellectual, I guess.
So when I read about dinner and gushy movies, about chocolates and jewelry, my response is along the lines of "That's nice". But it just doesn't touch me.
I wonder how I will react to our anniversary celebration? I wonder if I will disappoint those around me?

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