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get off my duff and actually write some of the stuff that has been percolating in my brain. The problem, of course, is that I do my best thinking in the car on my way to work - and then I get to the office and by the time I come up for air I have completely forgotten what I had all thought out - until the next morning. Even on my Saturdays on call, I dive into action as soon as I hit the hospital floor.
Last Saturday, when I opened my door to get in the car at 0700, I was greeted by the most amazing sound. The freezing rain was singing! As it hit the snow on the ground, it gave forth the most amazing sound - like a wordless angel song. I spent much of the drive to work thinking about that sound, pondering the great insights it was giving me - and poof, I can't remember a darn thing beyond that I did have a good idea!
This phenomenon reminds me a bit of the hallucinogenic induced flights of 'creativity' that were common among many of my peers during my teenage years. For example, spending hours debating how the word 'is' can never be true, because by the time one says that something is, it no longer is but should be was - and similar meaningless twaddle.
So I apologize, dear readers, for the lack of meaningful content on this blog lately. I will endeavor to try to improve.
I think that for Lent, I will try to post something of meaning on a daily basis. For me, I think that would be more penitential than fasting from the blog. I need to develops some discipline and make better use of the gifts God has given me here.


i'm all furrit!

To paraphrase the great Bill Murray, "Write. Write like the wind!".

You should buy a tape recorder and keep it in your car. Turn it on when you get in the car in the mornings. Then, when you have these thoughts in your car, say them out loud so that the tape recorder gets them. Then you can go back and listen to the tape later, and it will jog your memory.

Just some handy tips from one busy writer to another. :)

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