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My 15 y/o daughter has about a dozen friends over right now for a "We aren't watching the Super Bowl" party. It is a kick to listen to these kids. First off, all but one of them play music on a regular basis, and of course the first thing they do at a party is to pick up some of the instruments around the house and start playing. One of them brought over a DVD of Bela Fleck and so on, so we had to hook up the DVD player our oldest son gave us for Christmas. It was a great collection of music to have in the background, but I was really blown away by the rendition of Copeland's Rodeo.
I am so blessed by the kids my daughter calls friend. Polite, loving, with good parents as well. They have even been a source of positive peer pressure, as in persuading her to sign up for confirmation classes.
To think what we would have missed if we had stopped at 5 kids!


Bela Fleck?

This is the DVD they were playing. Truly amazing music across all genres - Jazz, jam band, classical, world music.

You never hear anyone say, "I wish I had had less children" and yet this is how people interpet it! Those of us with larger families (mine is soon to be 4 children) know exactly what you're talking about!

God bless,

I know teenagers can be difficult, and I say this without the wisdon of having raised any, but I have been blessed to have some terrific teens in my company. My brothers are good kids and so much fun to be around. If I was not busy with being a Mom, I would love to volunteer with a teen youth group.

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