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I have this wonderful PDA and an expansion card - I bought the card with the idea that I could put some books on it. I am totally lost about how to do that! I went to the Blackmask site and there are several books I want to read, but I don't know what I am doing there. Could some one who actually had put books into a Palm please walk me through the process? Thanks.


Dear Alicia,

Make sure you have your book reading program on your PDA. (I'm guessing you used iSilo, but if not, whatever you're using--the docs at Blackmask use iSilo format, so to read them you'll need iSilo unless you choose to use something like Plucker to gather them in.)

After downloading (I prefer to use the "save target as" and download the file rather than relying upon the Blackmask auto-synch function) make sure the file has a .pdb extension. Double clicking will automatically open your hotsynch program. (I'm assuming all of this is on a palm OS).

To move them onto your expansion card, you will need to have a place readily identified within the iSilo program where it will look on the expansion card. (For this you'll need to check the iSilo site, because I have a clie.) Move your book files to that location on the memory card. You can also alter the destination right from the hotsynch menu.

This is necessarily sketchy as I don't know the details of your PDA, but I'll be happy to help as needed. If needed, I'll send you a phone number and talk you through it.

Oh, and I'm sorry I missed you. I could have met (perhaps) but I didn't open the e-mail until Sunday evening, by which time I figured it was over and done. My apologies.



Check the documentation that came with your reader. You might have the Palm Reader (If you have a Palm Pilot) that came on one of the 2 CD's that came with your Palm.

Also, check out St. Blog's own Kat Lively. She writes books and has a couple e-books for free.

Usually a Palm download comes as a .prc file. If you put that on your PC and click it, it'll automatically copy itelf into the hotsync directory so that at your next HotSync, it'll be transferred. At least this is how I install programs.

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