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Around here it practically takes an act of congress to get a VBAC - especially after 2 or more! Interestingly my sister-in-law underwent a repeat Csection, after 2 VBACs, because she was told that they didn't have an anesthesiologist on call and if her uterus ruptured they would have to section her without it. So out of fear I suppose, she opted for the scheduled C.

Of course I wondered, what do they do when they get severe trauma cases in if they don't have anesthesiologists?

That is really interesting. IŽd read a similar study a while back that said more or less the same. We want to have more children, but are having a difficult time here in Spain finding a doctor to work with us who will allow my wife to try a VBAC. She had two c-sections, the last one was legit (the baby was in distress, ie. no heart beat, nor breathing), but the first in my opinion was just because the doctor was too lazy. They said the childŽs head was "too big." WeŽre talking to some OD friends now, cause if anybody in Spain knows family friendly doctors it must be them!

don't take V-BACs or C-Sections for granted. uterine rupture is a plausible danger after caesarean. each birth is different. and while alicia is not advocating this position, it really chaps my ass when people use studies like this to make women who have c-sections (elected or not) feel that somehow they've failed or done their children a disservice.

I will secong smockmomma, but much of that attitude comes from so many people pleading for cesareans for non-indicated reasons, and so many doctors doing cesareans for really soft indications. If we had a more coherent set of standards, and stuck to them, we would have a primary cesarean rate of around 5% of births, and probably the majority of those women would need a repeat cesarean. VBAC is safest in those women who didn't really need that first cesarean, at least not initially. (many of these 'unecessary' cesareans became necessary because of the cascade of interventions in an otherwise normal labor - but that is a topic for a much longer post.)

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