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I have had several hits on this site from those looking for the rules of Lenten Fast and abstinence.
Here they are.


This doesn't mention pregnancy specifically, yet other sites of similar "authority" have, as well as my 1961 moral theology handbook. My priest said pregnant women are excused -- not individually dispensed but not bound just like those above and below the specified ages. But I couldn't resist double checking. I can't see how unborn babies could be expected to fast through their mothers if a 5-year-old isn't.

Pregnant women are not bound to fast, that is. I have no need to eat meat so I haven't really looked into the abstinence issue, but that seems to be more a matter of individual need.

Um, that is, according to a number of sources I've consulted, they're not bound to fast. Sorry. I don't know why I even start typing some days...

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