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Challenged by the Summa Mamas- but I will skip the drinking game!

You're David Copperfield!

by Charles Dickens

Coming up from a childhood that felt abusive, you have risen through hard work to gain a place of stature in your life. You've spent altogether too much time in factories and end up misspelling a fair number of words. But in general you are seen as a beacon of hope for others who might not be as fortunate. Lots of people keep mistaking you for a magician and are waiting for you to disappear.

Take the Book Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.

Now, I tried this a number of other ways, and the answer to the first question determines what questions you will then be asked. A much more interesting quiz than the quizilla variety.


That's absurd. I'll bet you've never misspelled a word in your life!

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