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I posted several links to articles about the Theology of the body. I am on a listserv at Catholicity which is dedicated to discussion of this topic, and I thought some of my readers might be interested.
Turns out that some were, indeed, quite interested.
Anyhow, you can pick up the conversation over at El Camino Real.
Maybe when I have the time again to do some real writing, I will put up some of my thoughts about this. But not tonight. I was up all night last night with a worrisome labor, and need to try to get to bed early tonight.


I don't think I could deal with a midwife's sleep schedule! My friend did two 12-hour overnight nursing shifts on the RN for most of her recent pregnancy, while maintaining a normal schedule the rest of the time with her preschooler, and I just don't know how she kept herself together.

Uh, each week on the ICU, I meant :)

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